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Emergency/Emergencia welcome to Frontier Emergency Dial: 9 1 1 business white & NINE - ONE - ONE yellow pages Fire Law Enforcement customer info guide How to Reach Frontier, the basics of telephone service and more EMS, Rescue business white pages TTY, TDD Users Business Listings Dial 9-1-1 yellow pages After the 9-1-1 dispatcher answers the call, pressing the space bar may help you Complete Yellow Pages Section inform the dispatcher this is a TTY call. For Nonemergency Calls Consult the Government or White Pages Listings looking for residential listings information? Residential White Pages listings are not included in this directory. The residential white pages are now online at To order a free print copy of your Residential White Pages call 1-877-243-8339. Other Important Numbers Sheriff National Center for Missing Butler County 513-785-1300 and Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678 Darke County Greenville 937-548-3399 Text Telephone (TTY) Customers 1-800-826-7653 Miami County Troy 937-440-6085 National Hopeline Network Montgomery County Dayton 937-225-4357 Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-SUICIDE Or 1-800-762-2343 (1-800-784-2433) Text Telephone (TTY) Customers 937-228-4357 Preble County Eaton 937-456-6301 National Response Center Report Chemical/Oil Spills and Ohio State Patrol 1-877-7PATROL Chemical/Biological Terrorism (1-877-772-8765) (Voice/TTY) 1-800-424-8802 Road & Weather Conditions Check your local Highway Patrol Post National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) Highway Patrol Ohio EPA Butler County 513-863-4606 Report Toxic Chemical and Oil Spills (Voice/TTY) 1-800-282-9378 City of Piqua Greenville 937-548-2151 Miami County Dispatch 937-440-9911 Poison Control Center (Voice/TTY) 1-800-222-1222 Miami County Piqua 937-773-1131 Montgomery County Dayton 937-832-4794 NOTE: When reporting an emergency be ready to give the number from Preble County Eaton 937-456-5533 which you are calling, the type of help you need, the community name and the street address. Then stay on the line, if possible. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 513-421-4310 EMERGENCY LONG-DISTANCE CALLS TO THE OHIO STATE HIGHWAY PATROL OR OTHER GOVERNMENTAL EMERGENCY SERVICE AGENCIES, HAVING PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY FOR PROVIDING EMERGENCY SERVICES IN THE AREA FROM WHICH THE CALL IS MADE, ARE TOLL-FREE. NOTICE: Your telephone industry is a regulated utility and under the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. If your problem has not been resolved after contacting an employee or supervisor, please call BOV2_056332_EMR_01_02_01 our Frontier Complaint Resolutions Department at 1-877-462-7320, or you may refer the problem to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, 1-800-686-7826-TTY Customers 1-800-686-1570-180 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215 or on the Internet at For all your Yellow and White Pages needs, visit us at Please submit any changes or updates for the Emergency Page to To order directories or to stop delivery of this directory, call 1-877-243-8339.

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