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Emergency/Emergencia Emergency Dial: welcome to Frontier 9 1 1 white & yellow pages NINE - ONE - ONE Fire Medical customer info guide Police Sheriff How to Reach Frontier, the basics of telephone service and more white pages TTY, TDD Users Dial 9-1-1 Residential and Business Listings After the 9-1-1 dispatcher answers the call, pressing the space bar may help yellow pages you inform the dispatcher this is a TTY call. Complete Yellow Pages Section Other Important Numbers Nonemergency Numbers Crisis Line 509-575-4200 Law Enforcement Federal Bureau of Investigation Yakima County Sheriff - (FBI) 509-453-4859 Unincorporated County If no answer, call Seattle 206-622-0460 Includes Cities of National Center for Missing Naches & Harrah 509-574-2500 and Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678 Or (24-hrs) 1-800-572-0490 Text Telephone Yakima Police Department (TTY) Customers 1-800-826-7653 National Hopeline Network (24-hrs) 509-575-6200 Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-SUICIDE Fire (1-800-784-2433) Yakima Fire Districts National Response Center FD#1 Cowiche Area 509-678-4563 Report Chemical/Oil Spills and FD#2 Selah Area 509-698-7310 Chemical/Biological Terrorism FD#3 Naches Area 509-653-2380 (Voice/TTY) 1-800-424-8802 FD#4 East Valley Area 509-457-8615 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline FD#5 Lower Valley Area 509-829-5111 1-800-273-TALK FD#6 Gleed Area 509-966-5060 (1-800-273-8255) Poison Control Center FD#9 Naches Heights (24-hrs) 509-965-7292 (Voice/TTY) 1-800-222-1222 FD#12 West Valley 509-966-3111 U.S. Marshal 509-575-5917 FD#14 Nile Area 509-658-2445 U.S. Secret Service Yakima Fire Department 509-575-6060 Spokane 509-353-2532 Union Gap Fire Department 509-452-6706 Washington State Patrol 509-575-2320 077930 For all your Yellow and White Pages needs, visit us at www.dexknows.com Please submit any changes or updates for the Emergency Page to wvdscinfopage@ftr.com. To order directories or to stop delivery of this directory, call 1-877-243-8339.

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